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Helping you with Financing:

Healthcare professionals are extremely busy ensuring that their business runs smoothly. Time for focusing on day to day cash flow management, scoping and assessing growth strategies and restructuring the business is always scarce. All the above requires funding of some sort. Hygeia financeĀ  and strategy professionals will work hand in hand to develop plans to identify funding requirements. Then the finance team will execute plans to obtain the necessary financing to fulfil all funding needs such as:

  • Operating line of credits for day to day working capital
  • Loans for business acquisitions
  • Loans for equipment
  • Loans for property acquisition
  • Loans for expansion such as adding staff, leasing and renovating premises
  • Refinancing existing debt with improved terms and conditions


Our finance team has extensive banking experience and deep relationships with numerous conventional and specialized lenders to find the best possible financing options. They are well versed in negotiating favourable terms and conditions from lenders.